The Thruxton is born of the café racer culture that dominated motorcycling in the 1960s



The café racers were built to perform, not just to look good.

Today, this 865cc parallel twin puts out a healthy 69PS with 69Nm of torque at its peak, with plenty available at low revs so you get most use out of it.

Fuelling is controlled by a sophisticated computer programmed management system for clean emissions and a smooth, predictable throttle response.


The basic format is the same as the current Bonneville, with 360 degree firing intervals, double overhead cams, eight valves, twin balance shafts and fuel injection. So you know it's a thoroughly modern engine that, despite its convincing old-school looks, easily meeting Triumph’s high standard of reliability, durability and efficiency.



It's the sound and feel of the engine that matters, from the thumping thrust of the generous low rev torque to the eager high revs and the purring, even exhaust note. So distinctive to the parallel twin.


We used classic 1960s paint schemes with period sports stripes and fitted a typical single-seat, or so it looks thanks to the rear cover. In actual fact a passenger can enjoy the ride on a Thruxton too.


Low and narrow 'Ace' handlebars, named after London's famous Ace Café, with classic bar-end mirrors sit behind a colour-coded flyscreen.


Twin instrument pods sitting high on their top yoke mounting position.


The engine and transmission has been engineered with the look of the classic Triumph twins in mind. Even the fuel injection has been moulded so you get the appearance of a pair of carburettors. And there are double overhead camshafts despite what looks like a pushrod tube at the front of the engine, just like the café racers of the 60s used to have.



All of our extensive chassis experience and technology has gone into the Thruxton’s simple tubular steel construction. Providing easy, neutral steering and exceptional balance even at low speeds.


We fitted 41mm forks and chromed rear shocks and retuned them for a firmer ride and tighter control in high speed corners. The shocks include adjustability for spring preload for carrying a passenger or to suit your riding style.

Wheels, Tyres and Brakes

We fitted the front with a big 320mm single disc strong enough to match the sporting pedigree of the Thruxton with plenty of feedback to enhance your ride. Yet we've made it as unobtrusive as possible within the 1960s styling.

At the rear is another disc, so there’s no compromise in the Thruxton's thoroughly modern braking performance.

The wheels are wire-spoked with aluminium alloy rims, 18 inches at the front and 17 inches rear for the classic café racer look. They're lightweight too, for increased suspension performance and handling agility.


We kept the geometry similar to the Bonneville's but with a little less trail at 97mm so you get sharper steering and more urgent handling when ridden hard. But the same neutral, obedient feel during less exuberant riding, making the Thruxton a rewarding as well as an easy bike to ride.

Riding Position

Pure 1960s café racer but not at the expense of comfort, that's what the Thruxton is all about. So there's a sporty forward lean that makes you look the part. The footrests have been raised and set back to complement the bar position, so you are close to the bike and can really feel how the front end is performing.

We’ve positioned the bar end mirrors to work best when you are tucked down and forward, providing a good view of the road behind around elbows and body.

But none of this is so extreme that it spoils the feeling of versatility. You can still tour or commute on the Thruxton as well as take it for a sunny Sunday burn.

Key Accessories

Gel Touring Seat

Gel Seat unit to offer optimum comfort and style. Triumph branding and Gel layer to ensure it looks as good as it feels.

Chrome Cap Cover

As a straight swap replacement to the standard equipment, the Chrome Cam Cover compliments the existing chrome featured on the bike.

Knee Pads

Dual purpose Knee Pads will protect your bikes tank as well as provide added comfort for when you're tackling the miles. Features Triumph Branding and are self adhesive for quick installation.

Skid Plate Black Anodised

Brushed alloy Skid Plate textured black for durability contributes to the heritage race feel. Also available in clear anodised.

Fuel Filler Cap Lockable

With a high gloss finish the Lockable Chrome Fuel Filler Cap is a straight swap replacement for the standard fuel filler cap but with added security. Supplied with two keys and a Triumph Branded Bezel the Fuel Cap comes with a knurled edge for easy use.

Arrow 2 into 2 Exhaust System

For that added performance the Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System offers up to 6PS gain (without dB killer) and provides weight saving over the OE exhaust. Also check out Thruxton's Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System.

Chrome Chain Guard

With a high gloss polished chrome finish the Chain Guard Chrome is a straight swap replacement to the OE Chain Guard.

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